How to Find the Right Content Writer for Your SEO Firm

Content is the king. Businesses and organizations that are willing to rank high on search engines would eventually have to hire SEO services. An SEO firm is the one that forms up a plan and then carry out various tasks in order to help client’s website rank higher. However, none of the SEO operations can be carried out without high-quality content. It is the content that is optimized while being published on the internet that helps a website to rank at the desired position.

So knowing about the importance of high-quality content, you would require hiring a highly-skilled writer who can produce you the content you need. Finding the best content writer requires you to follow a number of steps after which you would be able to acquire desired results.
Does He Understand what SEO copywriting is, and isn’t?

SEO content writing is not what regular writing is. Writing for a blog or any other platform highly differs from writing with the intension of search engine optimization. Whether it is content for an official website or web 2.0 blogs, the content has to be written keeping the SEO perspective in mind. The writer has to be aware of the targeted keywords, meta titles etc. in order to produce a hardcore SEO-based content. Only a specialized copywriter can produce such content. So make sure that the writer you hire understands what copywriting is, and isn’t.
Is his Skill Set Adequate Enough For You?

It is not always necessary that an SEO specialized writer can write all kind of content. If you have the requirement of getting newsletters, white papers written, you would have to ensure that you hire a writer who can fulfill your requirement. Usually, a company looks for better search engine rankings require press releases, product reviews, slide shows etc. every now and then. These things are needed for better search engine optimization and social media marketing. When you require such content, you will have to make sure that your writer can create all kinds of content and in an effective manner. Don’t hesitate asking several questions to the writer before giving him the job. It is crucial to ensure that the writer you are hiring holds adequate skill set to meet your requirements.

Academic Background is Essential but shouldn’t be a Deal Breaker

A lot of companies seek a strong educational background of a writer while hiring one. Yes, a strong education background can play a great part while content is being written. A writer’s firsthand knowledge about various subjects can definitely help content to be written better. However, the academic background shouldn’t be a deal breaker. You should realize that there are a lot of writers who are extremely good at their work but don’t hold masters or even a bachelors degree. So relying on the education backgrounds and making a decision based on it would be a mistake. You should focus more on the writing skills, general knowledge and adaptability of a writer rather than on his educational background.

Check His Profile and Work Samples

Asking questions and getting appropriate or satisfying answers isn’t always enough. You have to check a writer’s profile to see what work he has done in past. A writer’s profile will give you insight to his areas of expertise as well as what he has done so far. A writer’s profile will also put a spotlight on which clients or companies he has worked for over the years. This will tell you what his market worth is as well as how much potential he has to complete your projects the way you want him to.

Before you hire the writer, make sure to ask him what he knows about keyword research, Competitive keyword analysis, Titles, Meta descriptions etc. once you have got answers to all your questions, you are left with one last step of making your final decision. However, if you are left with more than one writer, you will have to compare all the writers with each other in order to make sure you choose the one with excellent writing skills and adequate experience.
You would also need to compare the fee that each writer charges. After all money is an important factor you have to consider while hiring a writer. Once you have followed all the steps mentioned above, you have a writer in your team that will elevate your social image to the greater heights.