Tasks to Complete Before Hiring A SEO Services Expert

One of the first things that many businesses do is to hire a SEO expert for creation and implementation of digital marketing. This appears to a smooth move because the strategy is up and running early. This also makes perfect business sense because marketing is a time intensive affair and an early start means that the marketing cycle is well underway when the product is actually offered to the market.

However, this strategy fails because of a simple reason. No digital marketing strategy could exist in a vacuum. It needs support activities that provide it input and execute major points of the strategy.

Businesses that prefer doing SEO in-house generally fall prey to this trap. The result is an excellent SEO strategy that is very good on paper but fail to produce desired returns. To ensure that this does not happen, businesses should understand that there are only so many tasks that could be accomplished in-house. There is a very fine line between the things that experts could do and what the in-house team could be done.

The best way of getting the most out of the SEO strategies and utilizing the talents of the SEO services expert to maximum, it is important that businesses should have the following components and tasks in pace and completed before hand.

Clear Goals and Expectations

Before hiring the expert, the business must know what it wants from them. The expectations should be very clear in terms of the output and impact f hiring the services of the expert. Similarly, what the business wishes the expert to accomplish must also be very clear. The desired goals in terms of sales, customer goodwill and search engine rankings should be spelled out so that the expert could formulate the strategy accordingly.

Have the underlying team ready

Businesses often start hiring after the expert comes onboard. This results in delays that often cost the business a lot of time. The team that will execute the strategy should be there on hand from day one so that immediate tasks could be executed without delay.

At the minimum, the business should have content creation, social media marketing and search engine marketing expertise on hand. These three components are essential for ant SEO strategy and it is vital that the work could begin on day one.

Digital Estate should be ready to go

Many businesses wait until the hiring is done before launching their digital presence. This is one mistake that has the potential of derailing the entire SEO strategy.

Social media is one area where early start pays off handsomely. Any delays could result in loss of usernames and fake identities that hurt search engine rankings of the business. Similarly, associate content marketing infrastructure in the form of corporate blogs and third party hosted blogs should be there in order to make sure that the corporate website is already getting the juice from well-recognized links.

A business must understand that hiring the expert should be the last item on the list of establishing an online presence. 


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